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Bamboo Fiber Elasticity


Professional Custom:

Collar style\cuff style\placket style…,don’t know how to choose? Don’t worry, we have prepared the “Standard business style”.We do not define " Standard business style", we just present the most popular business style for you. enter 3 data in 1min,you will get a custom business shirt fitting you perfectly. This choice will definitely make you look professional and decent on business occasions.

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Personalized Custom:

Do you want to look more rigorous or more dynamic? You can decide every detail of the professional custom shirt, enter 3 data and 4 choices in 2 minutes, and you will get a custom business shirt highlighting your unique personality

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Bamboo Fiber Elasticity Series

3% spandex, the golden ratio of bamboo fiber and spandex. it can breathe and makes you more comfortable, with natural antibacterial ingredient "bamboo quinone", which can inhibit bacteria and remove mites

4 products
4 products