Shipping Info

We provide two logistics methods.

It will be cost about 3-5 days for logistics time,and it will  cost about 20-30 days 

by the freemethod. if you want to receive the product faster, you can choose the -

fast method, 7-14 days will be cost,but the fast method cost $6. 

Due to COVID-19, shipments to below countries have been prohibited. Unfortunately, we will have to stop our services and shipments temporarily. Once we have clearance to ship again, we will notify you immediately.
(Bhutan、Burkina Faso、Djibouti、Greece、Guinea、Haiti、Malawi、Congo、Guinea-Bissau、Mauritius、Mayotte、Sao Tome and Principe、Seychelles、Somalia、Venezuela、Angola、East Timor、Vatican City State (Holy See)、 Switzerland 、Maldives、 Reunion 、 Samoa、 Algeria 、 Nigeria 、Colombia、Bangladesh、Paraguay、Monaco、Netherlands Antilles、Norfolk Island、Peru、French Guiana、Guadeloupe、Martinique)